1st Saturday, March 2nd featuring Nikki Crain


EVERY 1st SATURDAY, the artists, restaurants and merchants of Three Rivers, California, open their doors and invite you to join in a town-wide celebration from 11 to 5 o’clock unless stated on Blog and Map. You can pick up a map and schedule at the Three Rivers Arts Center or the Three Rivers Historical Museum – the map shows all participating venues, art to see, locations and times for special events.

A FEATURED ARTIST is celebrated each month. In March we feature weaver Nikki Crain at her studio at 45138 South Fork Drive in Three Rivers.

EVERY MONTH is different – the best way to keep informed is to visit the website www.1stsaturdaytr.com. It is up-dated monthly. If you are an artist and would like to show your work at the event, the cost is only $10 to participate and the deadline to enter is always the 15th of the previous month. 

FOR INFORMATION contact Shirley Keller at 559-561-3463 or email sblairkeller@sbcglobal.net

March 2019's Featured Artist - Nikki Crain

Deborah Dal Zuffo - Art Display at Sequoia Cider Mill

Born in New England, Deborah was inspired by the rich palette of autumn colors. Her love of the outdoors is reflected in her paintings. They are bathed in nature’s hues, revealing her training in botanical illustration. Deborah’s artwork often focuses on the simple – leaves, rocks, and the creatures hiding within -- capturing nature’s tapestry of texture, depth, and life. Deborah works in watercolor, pastel, and colored pencils. Her artwork is on display at The Sequoia Cider Mill Restaurant at 40311 Sierra Drive.

Three Rivers Art Center

Ted Fox
Ted Fox helped his wife Shirley install a new embroidering machine. The huge, fancy, very versatile piece of equipment fascinated Ted. When Shirley took a break from making her amazing fabric creations for her business, The Country Fox, Ted sat down at the machine and began to play with it. Visit the Art Center to see where his play has led him.  Embroidery on hats of critters and birds beautifully done, inspired by the foothills of Three Rivers Ted loves. He will take your own design to make one-of-a-kind hats to be treasured by you.  Meet Ted at the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41673 N Fork Dr.
Shirley Keller
Shirley Keller normally invites you to Spirit Hill Studio, but this month see her at The Art Center.to see her photography, ceramic masks, recycled art, and clay mono prints.  See more at Shirley's blog at sblaircreativeplay.blogspot.com.
NEW Ceramic Masks and Dot Art Hubcaps. Children visitors FREE gifts of original artwork.  Come meet Shirley at the Three Rivers Art Center, 41673 N Fork Dr.
Earl Thompson
Earl Thompson drove big rigs across country for 50 plus years, always with great appreciation for the beauty and majesty of this country. After retiring at 75 years of age, and with time on his hands, he sat down and began a process of expressing himself on canvas. His favorite works are black and white drawings, but he is exploring colored pencils and paint.  Earl also makes many of his frames.  See Earl's work at the Three Rivers Art Center, 41673 N Fork Dr.
Shirley Fox
The Country Fox shows unique, one of a kind aprons, kitchen towels, and more( embroidery both machine and handwork), by Shirley Fox. She adds a kitchen touch with her jams and jellies. Ted Fox focuses on hats, his designs or yours, upon requestMeet Shirley and Ted at the Three Rivers Art Center, 41673 N Fork Dr.
Linda DuMont
Linda DuMont is passionate about stones and crystals! Having grown up along the California coastline, she spent many years “rock-hounding” with her grandfather, in search of jade, jasper, and moonstones. Over the past thirty years, she has studied and learned much about the energetics of stones and crystals as healing tools. She makes healing mandalas, blessing bundles, wands, altar pieces, and crystal elixirs. Linda’s stone and crystal sculptures are her way of honoring the mineral kingdom’s guardians and energy.  Meet Linda at the Three Rivers Arts Center 41905 North Fork Dr.
Jami Beck
Jami Beck does beaded crochet jewelry and macrame items. She is a teacher by profession in the local Three Rivers Elementary school. Crochet jewelry, gourds and macrame items.  See Jami at the Three Rivers Arts Center 41905 North Fork Dr.
Bertha Garza
Bertha Garza had a dream about creating a natural product that would help protect and enhance all types of skin, especially elderly skin.  She created a body lotion that was enriched with the healthiest oils and vitamins, thus creating the name. “DAZZLING DREAMS NATURAL PRODUCTS”. She added (liquid and solid) bath soaps made with the finest natural oils. Natural and biodegradable laundry soap, natural dishwashing soap, pure soy candles, and other products have followed. Meet Bertha at  the Three Rivers Arts Center 41905 North Fork Dr.

Totem Market and Gifts

The Totem Market and Gift store hours are 7am-9pm, serving breakfast all day. Dinner service.  Special Happy Hour 3 - 5. 
 45186 Sierra Drive, 559-561-4463

OPEN STUDIO - Anne and HJ Brown

Open Studio - Anne and HJ Brown

Leaves, flowers, trees, and animals find their way into the wheel thrown shapes made by Anne on the potter’s wheel. H.J.’s creations are hand-built, usually starting as a flat piece of clay from the slab roller. Sometimes their work is collaborative. The pieces are mostly functional. All are food safe and can be used in oven, microwave, or dishwasher. The glazes are all lead free and non-toxic. Many of the pieces have recipe ideas and/or accessories for use attached. Anne and H.J. are especially pleased when they learn that someone uses their work in their homes as a part of their daily lives. The Browns like to travel the country and visit other potteries and studios for new ideas to try. It’s still great fun to make the traditional and functional shapes, but the quest for new concepts keeps things growing and changing.  Check out the studio at 44305 So. Fork Drive.


Open Studio - Nikki Crain, FEATURED ARTIST

Nikki first sat down at a loom in 1983. She has been on a learning odyssey ever since. Her favorite pastime is designing new pieces and playing with colors, sometimes dyeing her own yarns. Math plays a big part in weaving and Nikki takes it to a higher level by using the Fibonacci sequence in many of her designs. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and rayon are her favorite choice for the beautiful and useful items she weaves.  Visit Nikki at her studio 45138 So. Fork Dr.

By Appointment - Marn Reich

By appointment only
Ceramic Sculpture - if you want to see Marn’s quirky sculptures call her at 559-561-6276 for 1st Saturday or another time at your convenience and hers.

Art was done in search of fun from the time Marn was a teenager.  In Synanon, she and a group of friends hired an artist from nearby Miramonte to teach them painting and drawing. Around 20 years ago, after moving to Three Rivers, Marn took classes from the College of the Sequoias, in Visalia. She became hooked on pottery making. Marn has her own way of doing things. When describing the sculptures Marn produces, the word quirky comes up the most. Marn’s work has been shown in multiple venues. Of all her showing experiences Marn had this to say about the experience that really stands out to her, “The solo show at Arts Visalia was a great achievement. I was thrilled.” 

By Appointment - Anne Birkholz

By appointment only
Anne Birkholz
Call Anne for an appointment if you are interested in her wood tuning at 559-561-561-3387. Call for 1st Saturday or any other time at your convenience and hers. 
Anne's fascination with wood has been lifelong. Eleven years ago she met her first lathe; it was love at first touch. Her work is a collaboration with Mother Nature, who provides the awesome raw material ranging from tight grained, ancient Giant Sequoia, to knurly native oaks and the spectacular marble grain of Buckeye. Anne's designs are simple – keeping the wood center stage.