1st Saturday, February 6th, "Find your Heart"

FOOD, FUN and fabulous art. Every 1st SATURDAY, the artists, restaurants and merchants of Three Rivers, California, open their doors and invite you to join in a town-wide celebration from 11 to 5 o’clock unless stated on Blog and Map. You can pick up a map and schedule at Anne Lang's Emporium or the Historical Museum – the map shows all participating venues, art to see, locations and times for special events. Anne Lang's Emporium serves a great breakfast sandwich, so you might grab a bite first. Later on taste the amazing fare at Sierra Subs and Salads. They all offer discounts for 1st Saturday.

A DIFFERENT theme each month flavors the paintings, decorations and edible treats. For February, we invite you to "Find your Heart"
. There are several galleries to see.  There are many studios open - look for them on the map.  The Art Center hosts multiple artists, not something you'd want to miss.

EVERY MONTH is different – the best way to keep informed is to visit the website www.1stsaturdaytr.com. It is up-dated monthly. If you are an artist and would like to show your work at the event, the cost is only $10 to participate and the deadline to enter is always the 15th of the previous month. 

FOR INFORMATION contact Shirley Keller at 559-561-3463 or email sblairkeller@sbcglobal.net

Anne Lang's

ANNE'S SUCCESS is due to her desire to help. "When people ask for something, I try to find it for them," says Anne. "One day, a bride-to-be came in and asked if I could make a bouquet. I thought, 'I can make a bouquet', and that's how the store became an FTD flower shop. On a cold day, a man came in wishing for a hot bowl of soup and I thought, 'I know how to make soup.' Next, a man came in hungry for a sandwich and I thought, 'I know how to make sandwiches.' And that's how the store became a deli."

Anne Lang’s Emporium became a place to find all your needs, a space of familiarity and a hub for our little community.  In addition to artists listed below, Nadi Spencer, founder of 1st Saturday in Three Rivers, also has art shown here.  Shirley Keller's photo gift card are also carried here.  Anne's is open from 9am to 4pm.

DELI DELIGHTS with a river view. Mention 1st Saturday and get 20% off lunch order!  41651 Sierra Dr.
 Once again Anne saw a need in the community and answered it. An art gallery closed. She changed what was the gift card corner to what is now a Fine Art Corner. When you pick up your map stay awhile and see the ceramic artists who throw and sculpt in clay, the oil and acrylic painters, and photographers, who Anne invited to display in the new corner.

Marn Reich
Marn Reich attended a ceramics class at COS. She met Sherley Tucker and eventually the two set up a clay workshop in Sherley's home. Marn is known for her quirky sculptures. Teapots that make you laugh while pouring, critters with attitude. "I like a challenge," says Marn. Thus her unusual creations.   Marn is sponsored by Three Rivers Bed and Breakfast.  See Marn's work at Anne Lang's Emporium.
 Anne & HJ Brown
Anne and H.J. Brown work together in their ceramic studio, along the South Fork river. He makes hand built pieces and recycles broken items that don't survive kiln into artwork. She makes all the thrown items. She does most of the glazing. The biggest joy for both of them is to know their work is used in someone's daily life. Colors of nature inspire their work. Now showing ceramics at The Naked Nut and Enjoy the Store, both in Visalia, and here at Anne Lang's Emporium and Heart's Desire.  You can also find them at:  http://www.riverwaterpottery.com
Jana Botkin
Jana’s year was spent creating pencil sketches for her book “The Cabins of Wilsonia,” to be published next year. So for this year’s calendar, she has chosen 13 of her favorite photos celebrating the beauty of Tulare County, and it will be available on 1st Saturday. Jana also likes to knit- her scarves, slippers, shawls, wraps, socks and purses will also be for sale.  See Jana's work at Anne Lang's Emporium.

Three Rivers Historical Museum

The museum is a perfect place to find gifts that evoke the foothills and the High Sierras. Books for children and adults available. Be sure to check out the gift shop. 42268 Sierra Hwy, Three Rivers.

Pick up Maps.

Clancy Barlow
Mr. Barlow has achieved international recognition with his paintings, museum-quality pine needle baskets, pine knot carving, and adding gourd art for a unique affect. He just published a memoir and will be signing books at the Historical Museum.
Displays art and woven baskets at the Historical Museum 11 to 4 PM.
Book Signing by Clancy Barlow 1 - 4 PM
“Three Decades and Two Uniforms” by Clancy Barlow

Kaweah River Trading Company - Featured Artist

Nikki Crain
Nikki first sat down at a loom in 1983. She has been on a learning odyssey ever since. Her favorite pastime is designing new pieces and playing with colors, sometimes dyeing her own yarns. Math plays a big part in weaving and Nikki takes it to a higher level by using the Fibonacci sequence in many of her designs. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and rayon are her favorite choice for the beautiful and useful items she weaves. Visit Nikki at Kaweah River Trading Company.
Ja Nene Natural Body Products
Ja Nene Natural Body Products began in 2003 in Three Rivers by Janene Laswell. The company provides safe, effective, affordable natural products for the whole family that are free of artificial fragrance, parabens, SLS penetration enhancers, pthalates and chemicals know to cause disease. Janene is a member of the Sequoia Foothills Chamber of Commerce, founder and treasurer of the non-profit Emergency Aid Alliance and 2010 Tulare County Creative Entrepreneur of the Year. "Thank you for using natural and organic products. You are helping to provide a safer world for everyone," said Janene.  Janene's products are available at Kaweah River Trading Co.

Cort Gallery

41881 Sierra Dr.
Since 1987 Gary Cort Architect
Showing Contemporary Art. Current exhibit Group Show: Photography featuring Jack Routh, Rene Ardesch, Lawrence Klingman, Paul Meyers, Alika Tree and hosted by Justine Light, current Artist in Residence at Cort Gallery. Beginning on 1st Saturday in Three Rivers, Open 11 AM to 5 PM, daily.

Curator Justine Light Presents:
Contemporary artwork by Gary Cort and David Brinkley.

Spirit HIll Meditation Garden and Art Studio

Shirley Keller invites you to come to Spirit Hill Meditation Garden and Art Studio to see her photography, ceramic masks, recycled art, and clay mono prints.
Special: Free gifts to children who visit Spirit Hill on 1st Saturday. 43641 Skyline Dr.
Jami Beck
Jami Beck does beaded crochet jewelry. She is a teacher by profession in the local Three Rivers Elementary school. In the summer she joins 1st Saturday in Three Rivers to share her colorful jewelry.  SPECIAL: Mention Max and Jami will give you $5 off $15 purchase.  See Jami at Spirit Hill Meditation Garden and Art Studio at 43641 Skyline Dr.
Grammy Pammy’s Kitchen
Local Service: Faster and Easier than driving to Visalia for Jams using local fruit. Also, Custom Cakes & Cookies, Pies & Candies, and Custom Birthday Cakes decorated just for you! 818-625-7815.
GrammyPammysKitchen.net Located at Spirit Hill Meditation Garden and Art Studio at 43641 Skyline Dr.