1st Saturday, December 5, "Pinecones and Holly"

FOOD, FUN and fabulous art. Every 1st SATURDAY, the artists, restaurants and merchants of Three Rivers, California, open their doors and invite you to join in a town-wide celebration from 11 to 7 o’clock unless stated on Blog and Map. You can pick up a map and schedule at Anne Lang's Emporium or the Historical Museum – the map shows all participating venues, art to see, locations and times for special events. Anne Lang's Emporium serves a great breakfast sandwich, so you might grab a bite first. Later on taste the amazing fare at Sierra Subs and Salads. They all offer discounts for 1st Saturday.

A DIFFERENT theme each month flavors the paintings, decorations and edible treats. For December, we celebrate the holiday spirit with "
Pinecones and Holly". There are several galleries to see.  There are many studios open - look for them on the map.  The Art Center hosts multiple artists, not something you'd want to miss.

EVERY MONTH is different – the best way to keep informed is to visit the website www.1stsaturdaytr.com. It is up-dated monthly. If you are an artist and would like to show your work at the event, the cost is only $10 to participate and the deadline to enter is always the 15th of the previous month. 

FOR INFORMATION contact Shirley Keller at 559-561-3463 or email sblairkeller@sbcglobal.net.

Anne Lang's

ANNE'S SUCCESS is due to her desire to help. "When people ask for something, I try to find it for them," says Anne. "One day, a bride-to-be came in and asked if I could make a bouquet. I thought, 'I can make a bouquet', and that's how the store became an FTD flower shop. On a cold day, a man came in wishing for a hot bowl of soup and I thought, 'I know how to make soup.' Next, a man came in hungry for a sandwich and I thought, 'I know how to make sandwiches.' And that's how the store became a deli."

Anne Lang’s Emporium became a place to find all your needs, a space of familiarity and a hub for our little community.  In addition to artists listed below, Nadi Spencer, founder of 1st Saturday in Three Rivers, also has art shown here.  Shirley Keller's photo gift card are also carried here.  Anne's is open from 9am to 4pm.

DELI DELIGHTS with a river view. Mention 1st Saturday and get a combo meal for only $5!  41651 Sierra Dr.
 Once again Anne saw a need in the community and answered it. An art gallery closed. She changed what was the gift card corner to what is now a Fine Art Corner. When you pick up your map stay awhile and see the ceramic artists who throw and sculpt in clay, the oil and acrylic painters, and photographers, who Anne invited to display in the new corner.

Marn Reich
Marn Reich attended a ceramics class at COS. She met Sherley Tucker and eventually the two set up a clay workshop in Sherley's home. Marn is known for her quirky sculptures. Teapots that make you laugh while pouring, critters with attitude. "I like a challenge," says Marn. Thus her unusual creations.   Marn is sponsored by Three Rivers Bed and Breakfast.  See Marn's work at Anne Lang's Emporium.
 Anne & HJ Brown
Anne and H.J. Brown work together in their ceramic studio, along the South Fork river. He makes hand built pieces and recycles broken items that don't survive kiln into artwork. She makes all the thrown items. She does most of the glazing. The biggest joy for both of them is to know their work is used in someone's daily life. Colors of nature inspire their work. Now showing ceramics at The Naked Nut and Enjoy the Store, both in Visalia, and here at Anne Lang's Emporium and Heart's Desire.

Community Caroling

Join us for Community Caroling around a bonfire at the Historical Museum from 5-7 pm, presented by the Three Rivers Historical Society and the Three Rivers Volunteer Firefighters. Coffee, hot chocolate and s'mores provided courtesy of Comfort Inn & Suites, Reimer's Candies & Ice Cream, Three Rivers Village Market, and the River View Restaurant & Lounge. Last, but certainly not least, Santa will be favoring us with his much anticipated annual visit, riding in on a big red fire truck!

Arts Alliance - Hidden in the Leaves

Reception 2:30 to 5 PM Artists: Clancy Barlow, Karen Kimball, Deborah Dal Zuffo, Sharon Bannister, and Richard Root-Woods.
“Hidden in the Leaves” offers plenty of opportunities to visit Three Rivers and join the celebration of fall art with the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers. The exhibit kicks off November 7th, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., as part of 1
st Saturday in Three Rivers and will be open through January 4th.
Artists’ receptions will take place every 1st Saturday during the show— the first being November 7th, then December 5th and the last, January 2nd, 2:30 to 5:00 PM. In addition to the art show, artists will be on hand each 1st Saturday to meet visitors and share information about their artwork.
Sierra Subs & Salads, (Dining Area) 41717 Sierra Drive. (Closed Mondays)

Elsah Cort's Studio

44141 Skyline Drive

Elsah Cort
Elsah Cort has lived and worked in Three Rivers for 38 years. She says, “Collage is the medium I celebrate and immerse myself in, as an artist–for my work, and my life. Everything seems to want to try to synergize with something else. About twenty years ago, I started cutting images and phrases from magazines, and produced my first individual collages into small blank cards. I called the cards the “it could be art” series. Embracing the title of artist found reluctance in me, but art itself has never abandoned me, no matter what resistance I have felt for it. Art is a part of every moment, whether we can see it or not. Art is the natural expression of a human be-ing.”

She loves to make mandalas, using watercolor pencils, acrylic on canvas and recently using photoshop and her photographs. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle”. She has been making mandalas as a meditative art practice for over twenty-five years. One day when she was looking for a name for her artwork collection, she opened the book, Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh, to the page that described the Sanskrit word parayana, meaning “The Other Shore” and she said yes, this is it. The Other Shore…represents the realm of no-birth, no-death, and no suffering…We cannot talk about it, we cannot conceive it…The true teaching is that the other shore is this very shore…”
 Marion Hultgren
Marion Hultgren lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a big place in her heart for Three Rivers, and has visited her friend of over 40 years, Elsah Cort, many times over the years. She is a retired nurse who has always been creative and loved making things. She creates her fine and unusual jewelry in a narrow attic studio in her home. She says, “I started my extensive bead acquisition in the early ’90's, after rediscovering a bag of my 'hippie' seed beads I had collected in the ’70's. The "Picasso" Czech beads have become my favorite beads to use because of the extraordinary hues and shapes. I especially like the finishes as they seem more organic and earthy to me and open new avenues for creating my latest jewelry pieces. I weave these beautiful, delicate beads into bracelets, earrings and an occasional necklace....and as a true beader, the pursuit of discovering new beads is stronger than ever.”
Toni Best
Toni Best has been a creator and advocate of basketry for over fifty years.Starting with reed, she now specializes in pine needle coiling, and coiling on gourds while showing the influence of Native American styles and her own imagination. Presently, she exhibits at shows around the state, and teaches classes at her studio in Visalia, California, as well as around the state. Recently branching out and exploring greater use of color and design, Toni has expanded from more conservative art, to one illustrating greater freedom.

Originally from the east coast – Virginia and North Carolina, Toni received her first basket training in willow and reed. Utilizing this medium in a variety of styles, she eventually extended her craft to coiled basketry fabricated from pine needles and raffia. Using these natural materials, Best has expanded upon native designs and weaves basketry that echo many American cultures while illustrating her own innovations and imagination. She says, “Art has been the core of my existence since childhood. For me, creating a basket reveals part of my soul or inner self. I love pine needle basketry since it is possible to create movement with the needles while creating art. Alternating between a more classic style and colorful flights of imagination makes this art form rewarding to create.”

Stocking Stuffer Boutique

Nikki Crain
Nikki first sat down at a loom in 1983. She has been on a learning odyssey ever since. Her favorite pastime is designing new pieces and playing with colors, sometimes dyeing her own yarns. Math plays a big part in weaving and Nikki takes it to a higher level by using the Fibonacci sequence in many of her designs. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and rayon are her favorite choice for the beautiful and useful items she weaves. Visit Nikki at the Socking Stuffer Boutique at 41831 Sierra Dr. (Gerald Avant's building).

 Anne Birkholz
Anne's fascination with wood has been lifelong. Eleven years ago she met her first lathe; it was love at first touch. Her work is a collaboration with Mother Nature, who provides the awesome raw material ranging from tight grained, ancient Giant Sequoia, to knurly native oaks and the spectacular marble grain of Buckeye. Anne's designs are simple – keeping the wood center stage. Visit Anne at the Socking Stuffer Boutique at 41831 Sierra Dr. (Gerald Avant's building).
Angela Clary
Angela Clary - Pretty Face Designs - shows her hand-made jewelry at the Socking Stuffer Boutique at 41831 Sierra Dr. (Gerald Avant's building).
Jana Botkin
Jana’s year was spent creating pencil sketches for her book “The Cabins of Wilsonia,” to be published next year. So for this year’s calendar, she has chosen 13 of her favorite photos celebrating the beauty of Tulare County, and it will be available on 1st Saturday. Jana also likes to knit- her scarves, slippers, shawls, wraps, socks and purses will also be for sale.  See Jana at the Socking Stuffer Boutique at 41831 Sierra Dr. (Gerald Avant's building).
Sam McKinney
Sam McKinney is a grower and lover of gourds and gourd art.  She utilizes gourds as a medium to do beading with a  Native American and a contemporary look. Pine needle coiling gives her the inspiration to create art from nature. She also wood burns and chip carves.  Discover Sam's art at the Socking Stuffer Boutique at 41831 Sierra Dr. (Gerald Avant's building).

Mosley Farm

The Don and Teriz Mosley's are opening their Farm to artists and visitors. Home made hot apple cider, a gorgeous setting with a barn full of arts and crafts, and an organic garden that awaits your enjoyment. Shirley Fox creates fun aprons or try her jams and jellies, perfect for holiday gifts. Bobbie Laplante does any number of surprising things with fabrics and yarns. Jami Beck is stretching her creative talent from jewelry to gourds. Other surprises like a baby calf and piglets to delight visitors. 45487 S. Fork Dr.

Jami Beck
Jami Beck does beaded crochet jewelry. She is a teacher by profession in the local Three Rivers Elementary school. In the summer she joins 1st Saturday in Three Rivers to share her colorful jewelry.  SPECIAL: Mention Max and Jami will give you $5 off $15 purchase.  See Jami at The Mosley Farm at 45487 S. Fork Dr.
Stephen Dorsch
Old Friends: Everyone has a story to tell.
Stephen Dorsch comes to you with over 25 years experience in the motion picture industry and would like to offer his talents and skill to help you preserve all your cherished memories –the film, video, and photographs you’ve collected all your life- on a custom 2-hour DVD. “ Together, we will tell your unique story and create a legacy for your loved ones to cherish for generations to come.”  Meet Stephen at The Mosley Farm at 45487 S. Fork Dr.
Shirley Fox
Shirley Fox will be showing unique, one of a kind, aprons, kitchen towels (both machine and hand embroidered, and whatever else that inspires my creative juices. Also, will do custom designs upon request. Coming SOON - (due to a 10 spool embroidery machine) availability to create custom designs.  Now showing The Wizard of Oz and The Day of the Dead aprons, along with new kitchen towels.  The Mosley Farm at 45487 S. Fork Dr.
Bobbi LaPlante
Bobbi LaPlante, Designs With a Past, designs and sews accessories: aprons, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, purses and tote bags – using 100% recycled, repurposed materials. Scouring thrift stores, yard sales and friends' closets, she gathers textiles that speak to her, be it with color, texture or pattern. Tablecloths, curtains, skirts, jeans, sweaters, dresses or pillowcases are all part of her palette. Imagination and a sense of whimsy guide her to create her original designs. Bobbie is showing at the Arts Center and the 1st dozen customers get a stocking ornament with their purchase! The Mosley Farm at 45487 S. Fork Dr.

Sage Roots - Featured Artist

Christine Sell Porter
Christine's medium of choice is oil, by virtue of it's versatility – it's perfect for building texture and produces brilliant color. Watercolor is another medium that she loves for it's spontaneity and transparency. She has painted for over 30 years. After relocating to Three Rivers in 2005, she has found the natural beauty of the area to be a new source of inspiration. She spends many happy hours in the studio. Christine is a multi talented artist; she also likes designing little jewelry pieces, and knitting gorgeous scarves during long winter nights. For summer, she hand paints, in vibrant color, flowers and birds on silk scarves. Additionally, she creates lovely light catchers for the window, fashioned with antique glass and with an oil rubbed copper foil finish.  Sponsored by Three Rivers B&B.  See Christine's art at Sage Roots at  41763 Sierra Dr.