Totem Market and Gifts

The Totem Market and Gift store hours are 7am-9pm, serving breakfast all day. Dinner service.  Special Happy Hour 3 - 5. 
 45186 Sierra Drive, 559-561-4463
Shani Beyeridge
Beyeridge Designs was started as a way to share the love of art, jewelry, and all things resplendent with others. Handmade jewelry designs are one-of-a-kind and custom pieces. The passion for Estate and Vintage Jewelry influences our designs, including hand poured silver bullion and coins. The Skulls & Treasures Series is every Pirate Treasure collectors dream! Everyone needs their own little piece of art to carry them through the day ...because beauty always brightens the world and lifts the spirit.  Meet Shani and her creations at the Totem Market and Gifts at 45186 Sierra Drive.


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