Anne and HJ Brown

The studio overlooks the South Fork of the Kaweah River and is surrounded by nature which is the inspiration for many of the colors and shapes reflected in the pottery. Leaves, flowers, trees, and animals find their way into the wheel thrown shapes made by Anne on the potter’s wheel. H.J.’s creations are hand-built, usually starting as a flat piece of clay from the slab roller. Sometimes their work is collaborative.
The pieces are mostly functional. All are food safe and can be used in oven, microwave, or dishwasher. The glazes are all lead free and non-toxic. Many of the pieces have recipe ideas and/or accessories for use attached. Anne and H.J. are especially pleased when they learn that someone uses their work in their homes as a part of their daily lives. The Browns like to travel the country and visit other potteries and studios for new ideas to try. It’s still great fun to make the traditional and functional shapes, but the quest for new concepts keeps things growing and changing. See the Brown's new gallery to display their very original take on functional pottery at River Water Pottery Studio and Gallery 44305 So. Fork Drive

Covid Gallery -1
Greenware shelf
Covid Gallery - 2
Gallery Doorway
Anne with popcorn

Horse Plate and Mug

 Green Fan plate
Oval Deep Water plate
Round Waterfall plate
Raven tray
Quail and Poppy mugs
Through gates
Whale and Turtle mugs

Country Bear Mugs



Recent Pictures


Green Fan Plate
Night River Set 
Ocean Shelves

Pots by the River

Quail Poppy

New Display Area

Chopstick Bowls

The Blue Section

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