1st Saturday in Three Rivers, October 7th, 2023


EVERY 1st SATURDAY, the artists, restaurants and merchants of Three Rivers, California, open their doors and invite you to join in a town-wide celebration from 11 to 5 o’clock unless stated on Blog and Map. You can pick up a map and schedule at Kaweah Arts and the Three Rivers Historical Museum – the map shows all participating venues, art to see, locations and times for special events.

SUMMER SCORCHER!  For October we feature Jamie Van Allen with her candles and crafts at Harrison Hall. In addition to the art and artists, this month come and enjoy the late Summer weather as well as the beauty of nature around Lake Kaweah and all through the town of Three Rivers.  Nature and art together.  Nothing better.

EVERY MONTH is different – the best way to keep informed is to visit the website www.1stsaturdaytr.com. It is up-dated monthly.  If you are an artist and would like to show your work at the event, the cost is only $10 to participate and the deadline to enter is always the 15th of the previous month. 

FOR INFORMATION contact 559-799-1473 or email 1stSaturday3R@gmail.com

Participating Artists - October 7th, 2023

Jami Beck, at River Water Pottery

Anne and HJ Brown, at River Water Pottery

Allen Casselman, at the Dome

Nikki Crain, at Handweaving by Nikki

Linda DuMont, at Faery Godmother's Enchanted Cottage

Danette Eskridge, at Harrison Hall

Kacey Fansett, at Harrison Hall

Bertha Garza, at Harrison Hall

Judy Goodman, at Harrison Hall

Correy McGlyn, at Harrison Hall

David Ramirez, at Royal Gardens Nursery

Christine Sell Porter, at Kaweah Arts

Tony's Taverna on Wheels, at Three Rivers Historical Museum

Jamie Van Allen, FEATURED ARTIST, at Harrison Hall

OPEN STUDIO - Handweaving by Nikki

Nikki Crain
Nikki first sat down at a loom in 1983. She has been on a learning odyssey ever since. Her favorite pastime is designing new pieces and playing with colors, sometimes dyeing her own yarns. Math plays a big part in weaving and Nikki takes it to a higher level by using the Fibonacci sequence in many of her designs. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and rayon are her favorite choice for the beautiful and useful items she weaves.  Visit Nikki at her studio 45138 So. Fork Dr.

OPEN STUDIO - River Water Pottery Studio and Gallery

Anne and HJ Brown
The studio overlooks the South Fork of the Kaweah River and is surrounded by nature which is the inspiration for many of the colors and shapes reflected in the pottery. Leaves, flowers, trees, and animals find their way into the wheel thrown shapes made by Anne on the potter’s wheel. H.J.’s creations are hand-built, usually starting as a flat piece of clay from the slab roller. Sometimes their work is collaborative.The pieces are mostly functional. All are food safe and can be used in oven, microwave, or dishwasher. The glazes are all lead free and non-toxic. Many of the pieces have recipe ideas and/or accessories for use attached. Anne and H.J. are especially pleased when they learn that someone uses their work in their homes as a part of their daily lives. The Browns like to travel the country and visit other potteries and studios for new ideas to try. It’s still great fun to make the traditional and functional shapes, but the quest for new concepts keeps things growing and changing. See the Brown's new gallery to display their very original take on functional pottery at River Water Pottery Studio and Gallery 44305 So. Fork Drive
Jami Beck
Jami Beck does beaded crochet jewelry and macrame items. She is a teacher by profession in the local Three Rivers Elementary school. Crochet jewelry, gourds and macrame items.  See Jami at River Water Pottery Studio and Gallery 44305 So. Fork Drive.

OPEN STUDIO - Faery Godmother's Enchanted Cottage

Linda DuMont
All are welcome to visit and experience The Faery Godmother’s Enchanted Cottage and Garden in Three Rivers! So many treasures coming to you from all over the earth! Her specialty, stone sculptures, using Kaweah River stones! Chakra wands! Angels! A myriad of tumbled stones and crystals for you to create your own positive energy bag! Let your imagination flourish and your heart be filled with magic! Blessed be!
You will find her creations at:
The Faery Godmother’s Enchanted Cottage; a whimsical environment and studio she has created for the imagination, pleasure, and marketing of her treasures and wares! Meet  the Faery Godmother herself at 44843 Dinely Drive, Three Rivers, CA.

Kaweah Coffee Roasters

Kaweah Coffee Roasters serves artisan coffee and other delicious beverages. Enjoy a variety of beverages including their specialty Milk & Honey Latte or Cold Brew, all made with their house-roasted coffee beans. Make sure you try their wonderful breakfast and lunch options, too!  40840 Sierra Drive.

Kaweah Arts

There's always something new and exciting at Kaweah Arts! 50 local artists share their talents using a wide variety of mediums. New treasures arriving weekly. Great selection for holiday gift giving on any budget! 41841 Sierra Drive, Open Friday through Tuesday, 11 am-5 pm or anytime by appointment.
Christine Sell Porter
Christine's medium of choice is oil, by virtue of it's versatility - it's perfect for building texture and produces brilliant color.  Watercolor is another medium that she loves for it's spontaneity and transparency.  She has painted for over 30 years.
After relocating to Three Rivers in 2005, she has found the natural beauty of the area to be a new source of inspiration.  She spends many happy hours in the studio.  Christine is a multi talented artist. she also likes designing little jewelry pieces, and knitting gorgeous scarves during long winter nights.
For summer, she hand paints, in vibrant color, flowers and birds on silk scarves.  Additionally, she creates lovely light catchers for the window, fashioned with antique glass and with an oil rubbed copper foil finish.
Meet Christine at Kaweah Arts, 41841 Sierra Drive.

Three Rivers Historical Museum

The Historical Museum is quite exciting these days. Many new and interesting sights to capture historical imaginations and knowledge. See what the Mineral King Preservation Society designed, a lovely space, 2/3 of which will be used to preserve the history of Mineral King. The Historical Museum will expand to the rest of the space. As you walk toward the new room a skylight above captures your attention. It is modeled after the oldest bridge on the Mineral King road.
Three Rivers Historical Museum, 42268 Sierra Drive.

PICK UP 1st SATURDAY MAPS  The museum is a perfect place to pick up a map and to find gifts that evoke the foothills and the High Sierra. Books for children and adults available. Be sure to check out the gift shop. When you stop at the museum to see the displays, and gift shop, visit the new Mineral King room and do not forget to take a walk on the new Heritage Trail. Ask the Curator to show you where the trail starts and enjoy a beautiful walk in nature. 42268 Sierra Hwy, Three Rivers.

Come meet us and taste the flavors of the Mediterranean at the Three Rivers Historical Museum, 42268 Sierra Hwy.

Harrison Hall, Community Presbyterian Church

Harrison Hall is part of the Community Presbyterian Church of Three Rivers.  It hosts a wide variety of community-focused events.

Born and raised in Visalia, Jamie Van Allen enjoys writing as well as many other artistic endeavors. She owns Tangled Thread Shack which was named for her grandmother who, as a master crafter and seamstress, always had little tangled threads clinging to her clothes. The shack part was because Jamie's business was born during Covid lock down and Jamie only had a tiny room in her house for creating. With her grandmother's spirit by her side, she has served her wonderful community and the surrounding area for the last 3 1/2 years with her beautiful pieces of art and famous scented candles.  Check out Jamie's work at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Bertha Garza literally had a dream one night about creating a natural product that would help protect and enhance all types of skin, especially maturing skin.  She created a body lotion that was enriched with the healthiest oils and vitamins, thus creating the name: DAZZLING DREAMS NATURAL PRODUCTS. She has added (liquid and solid) bath soaps made with the finest natural oils. Natural and biodegradable laundry soap, natural dish washing soap, and other products have followed. Now Bertha is including unique and creative rock art in her repertoire. Meet Bertha at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Kacey Fansett
I create personal, on the spot poems using a typewriter. Come chat and I’ll draw on our conversation to write a poem for you or a loved one.  Come meet Correy at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Judy Goodman
Judy Goodman retired from Josten’s in Visalia after 48 years. She started sewing at age 6, making clothes for her dolls. She has spent most of her life creating with her sewing machine. She has created over 120 quilts. She spends her retired years with her grandchildren. She continues to sew and has picked crochet back up after many years, to create boho bags, purses, yoga bags and more.  Each of her items is unique and made by hand with love.  Meet Judy and see her work at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Danette Eskridge
Danette loves to transform her artistic energy into creative pieces. She has been hand-crafting gnomes for two years. Her artistic background in many mediums inspires her gnome designs. She resides in Porterville, CA with her loving husband, dogs, cats and many koi fish.  Meet Danette and her gnomes at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Royal Gardens Nursery

Royal Gardens Nursery, located right off Sierra Drive behind Kaweah Coffee Roasters, specializes in native plants, succulents, cacti, and seasonal produce. Owned and operated by Kayla Pace, it's a quaint place to find a new addition to your plant family or just visit to enjoy the serene ambience. We are now featuring arts and crafts in the greenhouse area every Saturday from 10am-4pm. Royal Gardens, where we treat you like royalty! 40838 Sierra Drive, Three Rivers.

David Ramirez
I started painting around the 70s. Though I stopped for many years, I recently started up again. I really enjoy acrylics, I am experienced in water colors and oils. One day soon I’ll get back to them. I also enjoy working with repurposed wood. I’m making small curiosities, garden art, things like door knockers, small tables and other things. I’m always looking for other forms of art to work with. I’m now semi-retired, so I’m keeping myself busy with all my art.  David will be at Royal Gardens, 40838 Sierra Drive.

Allen Casselman at the Dome

Allen Casselman
My name is Allen Casselman. I was born and raised in Exeter, CA. I am a member of Tule Gem Society. I create and enchant wire wrapped jewelry. I collect rocks and crystals. The forest is where I feel at home.  Come see my work at the rear deck of the Dome, 42249 Sierra Drive.

Totem Market and Gifts

The Totem Market and Gift store hours are 7am-9pm, serving breakfast all day. Dinner service.  Special Happy Hour 3 - 5. 
 45186 Sierra Drive, 559-561-4463

Reimer's Gifts and Candies

Hand crafted Chocolates, Brittles, and Confections Gourmet Ice Cream, Gelato, Sherbets, and Sorbet. 42375 Sierra Dr