Harrison Hall, Community Presbyterian Church

Harrison Hall is part of the Community Presbyterian Church of Three Rivers.  It hosts a wide variety of community-focused events.

Bertha Garza literally had a dream one night about creating a natural product that would help protect and enhance all types of skin, especially maturing skin.  She created a body lotion that was enriched with the healthiest oils and vitamins, thus creating the name: DAZZLING DREAMS NATURAL PRODUCTS. She has added (liquid and solid) bath soaps made with the finest natural oils. Natural and biodegradable laundry soap, natural dish washing soap, and other products have followed. Now Bertha is including unique and creative rock art in her repertoire. Meet Bertha at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Danette Eskridge
Danette loves to transform her artistic energy into creative pieces. She has been hand-crafting gnomes for two years. Her artistic background in many mediums inspires her gnome designs. She resides in Porterville, CA with her loving husband, dogs, cats and many koi fish.  Meet Danette and her St. Patrick's gnomes at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.
Brett Harvey
Brett’s love of photography and the outdoors began years ago when he was a high school student in Southern California.  Tulare County has been his home for over 30 years and he loves to photograph the beauty of this unique area of California. Meet Brett and enjoy his amazing photography at the Redbud Festival at the Three Rivers Memorial Building, 43490 Sierra Drive.

I create personal, on the spot poems using a typewriter. Come chat and I’ll draw on our conversation to write a poem for you or a loved one.  Come meet Correy at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Hi, my name is Jordan Serota. I’ve been doing custom woodworking for about a year now however, I’ve been doing ‘rough’ woodworking for many years. This year I decided to pursue this line of work and have thrown myself into it full force. I recently participated in my first event — the Holiday Bazaar; what an experience that was. So now I have decided to join 1st Saturday and share my creations. I work with locally-sourced as well as exotic woods. Come visit my booth at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

Kacey Fansett, an award winning watercolorist, says, "As children, we were all artists, all actors, all singers, all dancers. Self-doubt and negative opinions caused us to stop drawing, stop performing, s top singing, and stop dancing. Kacey will teach the basics, along with fun technique tricks. "My favorite part is seeing my artists' smile as they look at their finished framed masterpieces." Join Kacey to rediscover the artist in you at Harrison Hall, 43410 Sierra Drive.

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