OPEN STUDIO - Faery Godmother's Enchanted Cottage

Linda Dumont

Linda DuMont is passionate about stones and crystals! Having grown up along the California coastline, she spent many years “rock hounding”with her grandfather, in search of jade, jasper, and moonstones. Over the past thirty years, she has studied and learned much about the energetics of stones and crystals as healing tools. Sculptures, healing mandalas, wands, altar pieces, and blessing bundles, are her way of honoring the mineral kingdom’s vast beauty and energy.
You will find her creations at:
The Faery Godmother’s Enchanted Cottage; a whimsical environment and studio she has created for the imagination, pleasure, and marketing of her treasures and wares! Meet  the Faery Godmother herself at 44843 Dinely Drive, Three Rivers, CA.

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