Three Rivers Arts Center

Courtnee Browning - FEATURED ARTIST
Courtnee Browning was inspired by jewelry making in high school. She went on to higher education, setting up an adult life, and put aside her love of creating. Recently, Courtnee’s cousin asked her to fix a piece of jewelry and she rediscovered the passion for the craft of jewelry making. Courtnee’s goal is simple: Create quality, affordable pieces that can be worn with everyday outfits! Meet Courtnee and see her creations at the Three Rivers Art Center, 41763 N Fork Dr.
Earl Thompson
Earl Thompson drove big rigs across country for 50 plus years, always with great appreciation for the beauty and majesty of this country. After retiring at 75 years of age, and with time on his hands, he sat down and began a process of expressing himself on canvas. His favorite works are black and white drawings, but he is exploring colored pencils and paint.  Earl also makes many of his frames.  See Earl's work at the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41763 N. Fork Drive.
Jami Beck
Jami Beck does beaded crochet jewelry and macrame items. She is a teacher by profession in the local Three Rivers Elementary school. Crochet jewelry, gourds and macrame items.  See Jami at  the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41763 N. Fork Drive.
Buddy Jones
Buddy Jones rescues old discarded wood. He sands it, oils it, polishes it and looks for a loving home for it, scrap wood turned into art. He notices an old vineyard being dug up and asks permission to go through the grape-wood until something catches his eye. Ancient falling down barns have captured Buddy's interest. Just ask Buddy about the piece that catches your eye. All his pieces have stories. Find Buddy Jones at the Three Rivers Art Center, 41763 N Fork Dr.
Linda DuMont
Linda DuMont is passionate about stones and crystals! Having grown up along the California coastline, she spent many years “rock-hounding” with her grandfather, in search of jade, jasper, and moonstones. Over the past thirty years, she has studied and learned much about the energetics of stones and crystals as healing tools. She makes healing mandalas, blessing bundles, wands, altar pieces, and crystal elixirs. Linda’s stone and crystal sculptures are her way of honoring the mineral kingdom’s guardians and energy.  Meet Linda at the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41763 N. Fork Drive.
Bertha Garza
Bertha Garza had a dream about creating a natural product that would help protect and enhance all types of skin, especially elderly skin.  She created a body lotion that was enriched with the healthiest oils and vitamins, thus creating the name. “DAZZLING DREAMS NATURAL PRODUCTS”. She added (liquid and solid) bath soaps made with the finest natural oils. Natural and biodegradable laundry soap, natural dishwashing soap, pure soy candles, and other products have followed. Meet Bertha at  the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41763 N. Fork Drive

Brandon Duval
Brandon Duval is a history major from Fresno State University. His love for the past inspired him to collect antiques at an early age. His dad has a love for farmtiques and his mother collects more high end pieces. Brandon added, “My father is an amazing finish carpenter and my mother enjoys crafts and painting. That love was passed on to me as well. I dabble in antique restoration, but love creating things for people to enjoy."  Meet Brandon at  the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41763 N. Fork Drive
Nancy Brunson
Nancy Brunson has had a passion for crafts, especially paper crafts, since childhood. She has been a graphic designer for over 25 years. She teaches free craft classes on the second Sunday each month (12:30 pm) at Harrison Hall (Community Presbyterian Church). This is her first time participating in 1st Saturday. This month she is featuring handmade Valentines, gift boxes and other treasures and trinkets perfect for gift giving. See Nancy at the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41763 N. Fork Drive.

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