Three Rivers Arts Center

Shirley Fox
Shirley Fox will be showing unique, one of a kind, aprons, kitchen towels (both machine and hand embroidered, and whatever else that inspires my creative juices. "I will do custom designs upon request, and who knows what else will inspire my juices with our new 10 spool embroidery machine," said Shirley.  Now showing The Wizard of Oz and The Day of the Dead aprons, along with new kitchen towels.  Three Rivers Arts Center, 41673 N Fork Drive.

Earl Thompson
Earl Thompson drove big rigs across country for 50 plus years, always with great appreciation for the beauty and majesty of this country. After retiring at 75 years of age, and with time on his hands, he sat down and began a process of expressing himself on canvas. His favorite works are black and white drawings, but he is exploring colored pencils and paint.  Earl also makes many of his frames.  See Earl's work at the Three Rivers Arts Center, 41673 N Fork Drive.

Bean 2 Bar
Bean 2 Bar Chocolate Co.,Deanna Lancaster, Owner,40945 Grouse Dr.,559-737-3229,,
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Three Rivers residents Deanna and Ronnie Lancaster present handcrafted artisan chocolate made from scratch in their certified home kitchen using the purest ingredients possible.
"We source organic cacao beans through direct trade from different regions of the world, so that we are able to bring exciting unique flavors to our hand crafted chocolate"
Located at The Art Center, 41905 N. Fork Drive.
MUSIC 11am-1pm - Logan Lancaster
Logan Lancaster plays the piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, and drums. He has been around music his entire life, and picked up guitar at a young age, but he didn't really start playing until a year ago. “Music is a wonderful way to express, and connect with a wide range of people; I think that's an important thing to have,” said Logan. He will be located at the Three Rivers Arts Center 41905 North Fork Drive playing music 11 - 1 PM. 

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